A Dream of a Deluge

I had the strangest dream last night.

My mother and I were walking along the M8 to Glasgow, at the stretch across from Dumbarton Rock. It was cloudy and gloomy. There were some other people also walking. There were no cars. No idea why. Mum turned around, looked shocked, and said “do you remember how I always tell you if you see a wave coming, run away from it & let it carry you?” I turn around. I see a huge tsunami, maybe a few hundred feet high, raging up the river toward us.

We begin running – but it wasn’t a proper run, it was a light jog, as if we couldn’t run any faster. We heard the tsunami coming faster. We just hoped there was nothing in front of us that we’d crash into: luckily it was a flat plain ahead of us. Eventually we felt the spray, and the water hit us. But it wasn’t a cold, freezing wave: it was warm, like the tidal wave machine at some swimming pools. The sky was still overcast, but there was a glow from behind the clouds, like during the final moments of a downpour.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the wave, we were carried along: it wasn’t hundreds of feet high, but at most ten. We never got caught beneath the surface. After what seemed like a few moments, it started to lower, and we started walking again. Mum was still there too. We turned around to see other people who were caught in the wave walking along with us. At some point, I found a young woman had wrapped her arms around me in exhaustion – right arm over my right shoulder, left under my left, like a single-armed rucksack. She barely weighs anything. I could sense her smiling – she felt safe. I pat her clasped hands & tell her “we’re going to make it through this.”

Like in a disaster film, we start hearing disjointed, scattered broadcasts from the news: apparently the news of this disaster has turned thousands of Scots away from independence, as they realise that they need to pool & share our resources to get through this disaster, and that we are Stronger Together. I turn to Mum & ask how that can be? She said “The people making the movies always say what they want them to say. But just because they have someone come back from the future doesn’t mean that future’s going to happen.” I see a montage of people I know – fellow independence supporters – & I know that their hearts haven’t changed. The narrative did not affect them.

We turn around: a second wave is coming. We start jogging again. We see a small, thin building, like the Battle of Largs monument, ahead of us. I ask Mum if we’ll be safe there, she says “We’d better not: let the wave carry us again.” I figure this is right. I say to the woman on my back “hold on tight.”

Then I wake up.

What does this dream mean? Why did I happen to dream it on the night before the night before Christmas? Is it insight, anxiety, subconscious? Who knows.

It’s been a strange year, so I guess it’s only natural to dream strange dreams.

Alone at night in the shadows of my room
I drift inside of a magical view

Strange dreams, invade my sleep at night
Strange dreams, they make me feel all right

The place I’ve seen, well you have to understand
It waits for me, come and meet me if you can…

3 thoughts on “A Dream of a Deluge

  1. xsticks says:

    I’m not even going to begin to try and analyze that Al! I hope it means good things.

    Wishing you and Mum all the best for 2021.

  2. Cactus says:

    Good dream Al, some thoughts…

    The 1st wave was the main indy march down ‘The Mile’ to Holyrood. WE are the warm waves who carry each other. The young woman on yer back – who was smiling and was a former no voter – has now realised and found sanctuary in you and Yes Now Scotland. You are carrying her and each other HOME.

    NB Maybe the young woman weighed light because that’s the perceived weight of the current no side vote… salty!

    Saying “hold on tight” to the young woman, could mean the road to indy has obstacles in the way, but the final family destination is good.

    The 2nd wave is towards a warmer being… that’s coming next… and the perfect point to wake up!

    To Hogmanay, aye!

    Hey xsticks.

  3. […] immediately offered my vote and my support to Alba, to Alex Salmond, and Chris McEleny. I recalled the dream of last year – the deluge of water that was not freezing, but warm; that did not drown me, but carry me […]

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