Ronnie Cowan for Inverclyde!

Ronnie on the Boat

Ronnie Cowan taking a moment to reflect on the Millport-Largs ferry after a long day campaigning.

(The following is a party political broadcast not paid for by the SNP)

In the coming months, I’m going to be looking at all the candidates for the 2015 General Election and pointing out more or less why I think any vote for someone other than a pro-independence party is not only a waste of time, but actively damaging to the needs and desires of the people of Scotland. First on the list, of course, will be my local MP, Iain McKenzie. As with my post on Braden Davy, this isn’t about personal attacks or smears on their personalities – simply a collection of their votes, comments and actions which, in my mind, prove their ineligibility as representatives of the people of Scotland. Mr McKenzie could be the nicest person in the world – I know he’s been nothing but cordial with me in my interactions with him – but it’s the job that matters.

At the same time, it would be pretty damning to vote for a candidate based on who they’re not. What kind of confidence does it inspire if the only reason to vote for someone is “well, they aren’t New Labour, so that’s something?” None. So Inverclyde needs someone they can rely on to fight their case in Westminster, who isn’t going to abstain on votes that directly affect them, and who will not be part of the Establishment. Fortunately for the 80,000 of Inverclyde, we have that individual: his name is Ronnie Cowan.

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