Battles for Britain

BattlesOfEnglandplus ça change…

The British Isles have seen countless battles, campaigns and wars. But which one affected us the most?

This year is rich with the anniversaries of significant battles – Waterloo, Gallipoli and Agincourt.

But during the past 2,000 years, the British Isles has been riven by conflict, being remembered with the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the recent reburial of Richard III and the upcoming 950th anniversary of Hastings.

So which is the most important battle ever fought here? A clash of arms that produced not only a winner and a loser but perhaps changed everything that came after?

So, the BBC are looking for our votes to choose which British battle “changed us the most.” The choices are Boudica’s Revolt, Brunanburh, Hastings, Bannockburn, Bosworth, the Spanish Armada, Naseby, Boyne, and the Battle of Britain. Or: Romans vs Britons, England vs Everyone Else, Normans vs Saxons, Scots vs English, Tudors vs Yorks, English vs Spanish, Parliamentarians vs Royalists, Williamites vs Jacobites, and Brits vs Nazis. Yet it’s apparently us Nats “obsessed with old grievances!”

bannocktoonChris Cairns gets it in one.

I think an argument could be made for each, but there’s more to them than the BBC cite. I’d love to call myself a master historian, but the truth is I’m just an avid history enthusiast who’s read a lot of books. Yet if I’ve learned nothing else from reading hundreds of books, it’s that history can often be as subjective as anything else.

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Local Issues for Local People

picnic benches removed from lunderston bay David Wilson

“I will defend these rises until I’m blue in the face. Councillors work extremely hard and their pay is poor compared with that given to list MSPs. I’ve never really understood what list MSPs actually do, but councillors certainly deserve their pay rise.”
– Councillor Wilson on Inverclyde Council taking a backdated 2% pay rise

David Wilson, Conservative and Unionist Councillor for Inverclyde, posted a wee letter in this week’s Greenock Telegraph. I shall post the letter, with a few links that may be of interest.

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