Voting for Independence in the Inverclyde Council Elections 2022

Inverclyde East (Kilmacolm)

Unfortunately, the election is already done here, as only 3 candidates put themselves forward for 3 seats. If I had known that, I probably would have put myself forward just to make it a democratic contest, & readers will know how I feel about that sort of thing. Independence supporters do have the SNP’s Chris Curley to represent them, even if he’s outnumbered by 2 particularly vocal anti-independence councillors.

Inverclyde East Central (Port Glasgow & Gibshill)

Like Inverclyde West, Inverclyde East Central actually has 4 pro-independence candidates competing for 3 seats: Alba’s Louise Williams, independent incumbent Drew McKenzie, the SNP incumbent Jim MacLeod, and the SNP’s Kirsty Law. As there are only 2 candidates from anti-independence parties standing, at least one pro-independence candidate is guaranteed.

Inverclyde Central (Greenock West: Bridgend, Cartsdyke, Ladyburn, Overton, Strone)

On the other hand, there are 3 anti-independence candidates – 2 of which are incumbents – standing in Inverclyde Central, which could eat up all the seats in a bad day of tactical voting. Luckily, there are also 3 pro-independence candidates to vote for in Alba’s incumbent Jim McEleny, and the SNP’s Pam Armstrong and Agnes McAuley.

Inverclyde North (Greenock West End)

The ward with the most candidates at 9 competing for the most seats at 4, independence supporters still have a good number of candidates to vote for even if they’re marginally outnumbered by anti-independence candidates. Alba’s Philomena Donnachie (who came very close to being elected under the SNP in 2017), the SNP’s incumbent & current group leader Elizabeth Robertson, & Jenn Scott-McClafferty are open supporters of independence. Independent Gillian Maxwell is a dedicated Community Councillor and activist, and while representing a new Pensioner’s Party, John Davidson is also a Scottish Independence supporter (at least he was in 2012, when he made a surprisingly close prediction on the date of the first referendum).

Inverclyde West (Gourock)

Like I said last time: Alba’s incumbent Chris McEleny, independent incumbent Lynne Quinn, the SNP’s Sandra Reynolds, and independent campaigner William Wilson are all the best bets for independence supporters in Inverclyde West.

Inverclyde South West (Inverkip, Wemyss Bay, Braeside, Branchton, Larkfield)

The westernmost coast of the Realm of Inverclyde has only one incumbent in the SNP’s Innes Nelson, joined by the SNP’s James Daisley. Independent Paul Travers is a Community Councillor and campaigner who stood for election previously.

Inverclyde South (Southern Greenock: Bow Farm, Coves, Cowdenknowes, Gateside, Penny Fern, Ravenscraig, Smithston)

Perhaps the toughest area for independence supporters, Inverclyde South has only 2 open pro-independence candidates contesting 3 seats in the SNP incumbent John Crowther and the SNP’s Irene McLeod. Independence supporters will have to judge the arrangement of the other candidates on their own merits.


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