The War Among The Vampires

He is in great fear, not knowing what mighty one may suddenly appear, wielding the Ring, and assailing him with war, seeking to cast him down and take his place. That we should wish to cast him down and have no one in his place is not a thought that occurs to his mind. That we should try to destroy the Ring itself has not yet entered into his darkest dream.
The Lord of the Rings, Book I, Chapter V, “The White Rider”

A while back I speculated that the EU Referendum was being used as a proxy war between two different factions within The Establishment.

On one side, you had the Nativists: these are people who have – or at least believe they have – genuine pride and concern for the United Kingdom, a belief in their nation, and a willingness to put party-politics aside for what they perceive as the greater good. Despite their selfishness & arrogance, for whatever reason, they really do care about the UK’s international reputation, its territorial integrity, and its wealth. This is exemplified by the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May, John Major, and other pro-EU figures in the UK Government Party.

On the other side, you had the Conmen. These people might talk a big talk about the United Kingdom and Great Britain, or even let the mask slip & talk about England – but in truth, it’s all lip service to their voting base. They don’t care about the UK, its people, its borders, or even its wealth, even in a nominal sense: all they care about is themselves and their own coffers. This is clear to see in the likes of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, and all the other squillionaires who look set to make themselves even more rich in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

So what does this mean for Scottish Independence? I have a bold theory.

It should be clear by now that the election of Boris Johnson & his subsequent cabinet appointment represents a paradigm shift in the UK Government’s direction. Many are calling it a coup – but I think this is wide of the mark. A coup d’etat is an overthrowing with a mind to change leadership, to alter the government & rule of a state: it seems obvious to me that the charlatans in the cabinet don’t have the slightest interest in ruling anything at all.

It’s no secret that one of the bonuses of government is the opportunity to make yourself obscenely wealthy. Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron – all absolutely rolling in it during and after their premierships, as are their closest Cabinet ministers and allies. But when it came to matters of territorial integrity and the UK’s influence, they were more than willing to sink billions into inefficient & ineffective projects for the sake of the UK’s standing in the international community. The same cannot be said for this government. They are more than willing to destroy the UK’s reputation, its economy, its very borders, so they can make themselves richer.

This isn’t a coup – it’s a heist.

This is a supranational robbery aimed at draining the UK Treasury into their own pockets. They are working with fellow travellers in the US, Russia, and other countries throughout the world with an aim to commit the most lucrative theft in the history of humanity. There are horrific idealogies and political games at play, of course – but to the powers behind this, these are tools of manipulation to facilitate the heist, a useful distraction. It won’t matter to them if people are impoverished, or hurt, or killed, when the inevitable fire they’ve been tending for decades bursts into an inferno.

So where does Scotland fit into all this?

The Nativists – they of the “Go Home” vans, the “British Jobs for British Workers” policies, the “Britain is an extraordinary country” sentiment – were in power during the first Scottish Independence Referendum. As such, they knew the danger an independent Scotland posed to the diminished former UK’s world status: no more nuclear weapons, which means no more seat at the UN Security Council, which means Britain just isn’t “Great” anymore. What’s more, the loss of the Greenland-Iceland-Scotland Gap means that the UK would no longer have oversight over one of the most important gateways on the planet. As such, we could absolutely expect the Establishment to fight with every fibre of its being to stop Scottish Independence.

But they aren’t in control anymore, are they? For all the last two UK Prime Minister’s faults – and they are legion – you could tell that, on some level, they were concerned for the future of their “country,” the UK. Or, at least, they cared about the prestige, the power, and the influence of their “country,” if not the actual people. Boris Johnson and his Cabinet of Clowns don’t give the slightest damn about Britain. They don’t have an angstrom of the meagre patriotism displayed by Cameron & May. That is evident by their barely-concealed pursuit of the single most destructive event in the UK’s recent memory.

So. If Boris Johnson & his Cabinet don’t care about the UK, why should they care about Scotland being part of it?

We know that the Conmen’s base are convinced that Scotland is a net beneficiary to the benevolent English taxpayer, & a significant minority don’t even want Scottish representation in the UK Cabinet. We know that the base is more than willing to sacrifice the very existence of the United Kingdom in order for the UK to leave the EU. We know that the Conmen are happy to say anything they like, regardless of its veracity or believability, to appeal to their base. And we know that the faction now controlling the direction of the UK are openly, freely, happily exploiting those sentiments.

Anything that the Conmen want for Scotland don’t necessarily require Scotland remaining part of the UK – as long as enough of their cronies are in positions of power in Scotland. Oil? They can do a deal with the likes of Sir Ian Wood to either circumvent the Scottish Government, or to get their millionaire representatives in instead. Whisky? They can rely on William Grant & Sons. Country Estates & their ilk. Vast country estates with grouse moors, deer forests, & lavish manor houses? Plenty of robber barons to fight their battles for them.

It would never occur to them that an independent Scotland would dare go through with energy transformation, tax overhauls, and land reform that would utterly change the nation, because they think everyone’s as scheming, cold-hearted, and avaricious as they are. They think they can continue asset-stripping Scotland even in independence because they genuinely cannot comprehend that Scotland might actually do something different. Just as Sauron simply couldn’t forsee that the Free Peoples would choose to destroy a ring of ultimate power instead of using it against him, these people simply wouldn’t believe that Scotland could choose a better way.

In short: the darkness cannot comprehend the light.

But we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. Is it feasible that this UK Government will “allow” Scotland to become independent?

Well, consider the most powerful in this Cabal of Clowns. He’s been saying some very interesting things recently:

You don’t hear the world ‘England‘ as much as you should. I miss the name England. You understand that? I miss the name England. I think England is a beautiful name. And you don’t hear it any more. But they are playing as ‘England.’ That is very interesting; good.
12th July 2018

We don’t do the kind of trade we could do with what some people say is Great Britain. And some people, remember a word you don’t hear too much is the word England, which is a piece of it.
26th July 2019

Just as journalists tend to do with UK Politicians, it’s easy to simply think the President of the United States is being stupid rather than deliberate. But then, many of his cohorts are saying similar things: talking about England instead of Britain, knowing full well the difference between the two, and what it entails.

When Ian Blackford proclaimed Boris Johnson “the Last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,” he may have thought he was dealing a deathly blow to the Prime Moronster’s pride. In truth, perhaps he and his fellow Conmen are seeing the way the winds are blowing, thinking: how can I profit from this?

The Conmen could try to keep Scotland in the UK, knowing that it would antagonise their increasingly belligerent voting base, undermine their efforts to play Scotland against England, and directly contradict all the stuff they said about Scotland being subsidy junkies fleecing the humble English taxpayer. But what if, they thought, one could spin this to their advantage?

After all, we have the President of the United States talking about how wonderful the word “England” is, how good it is to see “England,” making sure to especially note “England” in speeches and interviews. We have the forces behind the UK Leaving the EU actively courting English pride & patriotism. We have this very Prime Moronster openly calling Westminster an “England-only Parliament.” Why shouldn’t these Conmen present this not as the sad, regrettable break-up of a Precious Union, but the long-awaited independence for long-cloistered and fettered England?

For too long, they’ll say, has England’s ambitions been held back by Scottish intransigence: their disproportionate representation in the UK Parliament overturning England’s democratic will; their insistence on voting on English issues when the English cannot vote in Holyrood; their demands for more powers and money and influence at the expense of the proud and generous English people. Poor England has suffered this unequal union long enough: it’s time for England to take back control from their Scottish overlords, and become a Sovereign Independent Coastal Nation once again!

It is, of course, a grotesque caricature of the truth – but since when has that been an obstacle for them? The First Minister noted that the Prime Moronster didn’t explicitly rule out a second Scottish Independence Referendum in anything like the strong language seen from runner-up Jeremy Hunt, or even the weasel-words of Theresa May. Sure, Boris Johnson would have the ignominy of being the last Prime Moronster of the United Kingdom – but he could be the first Prime Moronster of a once-again Sovereign Independent England. He’d be living history. He’d be set for life.

People tend to be kinder to heads of former states than in Romulus Augustulus’ time.

The question is the mechanism.

  • Does Boris Johnson graciously “allow” the Scots to have their Section 30 order, confident (in public) that the people of Scotland will see fit to continue the Precious Union, looking like a generous and benevolent democrat, while staving off the Anglosupremacists in his party by leaving the West Lothian Question out of his hands?
  • Does he propose a vote for English Independence, an act of characteristic national narcissism that seeks to make England the centre of everything, even Scottish Independence?
  • Does he suggest a UK-wide poll, where The British People vote on whether to keep the UK together – meaning even if 3/4 countries vote to keep the UK, if 1 nation votes strongly enough to abolish it, the other 3 are out in the gutter, just like the EU Referendum?
  • Does he even bother with a referendum at all – legislating for the dissolution of the United Kingdom in much the way it was formed, through back-room deals in Parliament as the people riot in the streets, since the people have “had enough” of referendums?

Of course, the other faction will fight this with every sinew of their being: the Nativist members of the UK Government Party and their helpers in the Opposition and Coalition Parties will carry on like it’s 2014. But they aren’t in charge anymore. The rising tide has crashed onto the White Cliffs of Dover, toppling them from their ivory towers. Now they watch as their Precious Union choking in the grasp of thieves, stripping the gold from their kingdom as the desperate people applaud their larceny – and worst of all, they have to argue to the people of Scotland that this nightmare is still Better Than Independence.

Thus the War Among the Vampires may well see Scottish Independence much the same way Scotland itself was viewed by our parasitical overlords: as an afterthought, a side note, in their unending quest to sate their thirst for wealth. They will not know what they have lost, because they cannot comprehend the worth of what we prize.

It’s time to destroy the One Precious Union, & free all of us from the darkness that cannot comprehend the light.


4 thoughts on “The War Among The Vampires

  1. Hugh Wallace says:

    A very interesting perspective indeed!

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  3. […] Given the gaping chasm which should be filled with trust in politics, I was determined to attend this event. The Deputy First Minister gave very impassioned & considered support for the Civil Service in Scotland, and the audience was generally respectful. Of course, the question of Baron Macpherson of Earl’s Court (who most of the panel just called Nick) came up, & the infamous intervention during the 2014 referendum campaign. Yet despite the obvious importance of the Civil Service in the context of an independence referendum – they were at an SNP conference fringe event, after all – the majority of proceedings seemed to concentrate on the UK leaving the EU, and the attacks made on the Civil Service by the vampires in control. […]

  4. […] their constituents were victims of the victors’ dishonesty. Likewise, the Blue Rosettes have two warring factions who have to decide whether Queen & Country wins out over Greed Is Good, for whom the UK’s […]

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