The Pendulum Swing

If you’re still here after I – rather baldly – stated my opinion that stopping indyref2 was the primary goal of the 2017 UK General Election, thank you for your patience. It’s about to be tested further.

There will be a significant astroturf pro-indy anti-EU campaign

I know, and respect the opinion of, independence supporters who advocate an independent Scotland which is not a member of the European Union. As a pure idea uncontaminated by infiltration and realpolitik, with best-case scenarios for a future relationship with our neighbours, the position is not without merit. Still more are independence supporters who think Scotland’s relationship to the EU is secondary to its independence – I consider myself among that number, as it happens – and so think the question of independence should be decoupled from the EU question. I think the fact that the EU referendum outcome was explicitly stated as one of the possible “material changes in circumstances” for having indyref2 in this Parliament makes it extremely difficult, and as the former First Minister Alex Salmond said, you cannot make yourself a prisoner of polls.

Understand that even though I remain (hah) very strongly in favour of EU membership for Scotland, I absolutely understand the opinions of those who want out of it. But there are two major problems: the first being the obvious matter of Scotland not being independent yet, and the second being that the overwhelming will of the Scottish People was for the UK (implicitly, Scotland) to remain a part of the EU – a choice which is being denied to them. Scotland may not have been on the ballot paper, but you can’t have your cake and eat Scotland’s votes based on how you want it. Unfortunately, just as a socialist federalist UK is not on the cards, neither is a socialist extra-EU UK, or indeed any kind of remotely fair or just UK: a ruinous, devastating bonfire of rights and freedoms is lighting up the horizon. And the forces which fan the flames of that bonfire are winning.

We already know about the significant financial support the Leave campaign had, their disregard of the toothless electoral commission, and the hyponational Dark Forces manipulating governments and nations. We know they love astroturf, and they do it well: the media crave anything to beat the SNP and wider independence movement with, and so will happily promote views counter to that of the party. Hence independence supporters critical of the EU like Jim Sillars & Jim Fairlie have a regular presence on the predictably helpful media circuit where others may not.

Yet genuine anti-EU pro-independence supporters won’t be enough: they certainly haven’t been enough to affect SNP party policy, and even if we assume the majority of SNP votes lost in 2017 were Leave voters refusing to turn out, it still left the party with an overall majority of seats & clearly largest share of the vote. So the Dark Forces will send in backup – the same people who dishonestly pretend there’s any commonality between the UK’s “independence movement” from the EU on one hand, yet accuse pro-EU independence supporters of hypocrisy for not supporting “independence from the EU.”

Flags made with the exact same shade of yellow with a black Algiz rune that could easily be mistaken for the SNP logo from a distance, flying at an anti-immigration march organised by the English Defense League’s Scottish chapter. You can’t tell me that’s just a weird coincidence.

The foundations have already been laid: the work has already begun. We have already seen members of the British National Party and National Action claiming to support Scottish Independence, due to their belief that England is already lost to the immigrants. Given that those parties explicitly endorsed a Leave vote based on the idea that leaving the EU would “take back control” of their borders it seems a helluva strange time to announce that England is finished – given that they, you know, won the referendum. Either they believe the UK won’t take back control over its borders (in which case I can scarcely believe Scotland would be any more amenable to their politics) – or they do, and this is blatant black propaganda to smear the independence movement by association with terrorist groups. What’s more, now that people are finally starting to investigate and understand the Dark Forces which manipulated the UK and USA in the EU referendum and US elections are getting involved in Scotland, too – as hilariously reported by the same anti-EU people who benefited from their help not so long ago.

There are an awful lot of people in the far corners of the political spectrum who claim to support an independent Scotland, with the proviso that it be outside the European Union – even under the assumption that the EU would automatically expel us. These people lambast the SNP and the EU at every turn, pronouncing that they don’t believe in real independence. But why?

Dark Forces want Scotland out of the EU – whether it’s in the UK or not

I’ve always had my suspicions about why they call it a Shadow Cabinet, too.

So who are They?

It’s not coincidence so many things which happen in the shadow, below surveillance and scrutiny, beneath the gaze of the surface-dwellers, have suffixes that evoke the black, the dark, and the deep. The Black Market; Dark Data; Dark Money; Deep State; the Deep Web. Black Ops. Shadows everywhere – the absence of light.

They are the Equal and Opposite Reaction which happens when people try to do good in the world: the Post-War Consensus, liberation from tyranny, rebuilding Europe from ruins. The people who adhere to the Old Ways – some people are just better than others, a few deserve more than the many, Tradition is Good and Change is Evil – did not disappear. They went into hiding. They bade their time. They were not idle as they waited for the pendulum to swing as far as it could go, before Gravity’s power overcame Energy’s force.

They have already expanded significantly in several countries within the European Union, and came perilously close to outright victories just this year. While the UK leaving the EU represented a brutal blow for the EU, the remaining 27 banded together, creating a rise in pro-EU sentiment the organisation hasn’t enjoyed for years. The Dark Forces can’t have that. Why else is the desire for democracy, so championed and sacred by those states, jarringly denied and shut down when it comes to independence movements? The call is coming from inside the EU. So the Dark Forces, who have already ingratiated themselves into the upper levels of Government across the EU, seek to deal with democracy not with reason, but with force – knowing that such actions are utterly counterproductive, because they don’t want a strong EU. What do many EU states fear? “Separation” – or, more bluntly, losing bits of land & people they think they own. So they perpetuate the antiquated imperialist notion that independence movements are bad things to play on selfish fears – and since so many states are run by thee sort of people who’ve forgotten what their forebears fought for, that means they’re listening to people they agree with. All the time. So they rely on the decadent heirs of revolutionaries talking to each other in their bubbles, without realising just how mad some of their allies are.

Look at Catalonia.

Treatment of Scotland & Catalonia is symptomatic of a bigger problem

When the country’s oldest law enforcement service has a literal fasces as its badge, you have to wonder how these articles came to ever be written even before 1st October.

Can you imagine a party founded by members and affiliates of the NSDAP forming the government of 21st Century Germany? A Hitler Foundation? A mausoleum with Hitler’s bones lovingly ensconced inside, festooned with Nazi flags and paraphernalia? Spain’s governing party has direct continuity with the Franco regime; Spain has a Francisco Franco Foundation; the Mausoleum at Valle de los Caídos hosts a solemn tribute to Franco and his cause, alongside his remains, which form the site of Francoist pilgrimages. The last Franco statue on Spanish soil was only removed from a public square in 2008, with some monuments with “significant artistic or historical value” still remaining to this day. As recently as 2013, the Spanish Parliament voted down a motion which condemned Franco’s atrocities. Yet even this year, you could hardly move for the breathless vox pops from folk wondering why Spain seemed to be the only EU member state which resisted the far-right influence spreading across Europe.

As if the paeans to Franco weren’t enough, the response from Spain to the Catalan referendum proves beyond doubt that the state has already been compromised by right-wing extremism: with the vestiges of Francoism never quite uprooted, it was an easy mark for Dark Forces. So of course they crack down on anything that could jeopardise their dominance, their wealth, their prestige: one of the wealthiest parts of Spain removing itself from Spanish coffers would do just that. What’s more, as Spain is one of the largest EU members, what happens in Spain has stark repercussions for the rest of the EU. So the EU believe Spain when they tell them that the Catalans are rogue secessionists running the “region” under a tyrannical thumb, that they are acting against the will of the “silent majority” of Catalans, and that it is Catalonian independence – not Spanish fascism – which could “spread like a virus” across the Eurozone. It’s such an absurd, grotesque distortion of the truth, why would the EU even countenance the idea that Spain are lying through their teeth?

The ease into which the stagnant post-revolutionaries fall into the Big Lie is alarming, and widespread. Consider all the opinion pieces following the EU Referendum in the UK. You can’t move for all the European politicians utterly baffled at the arrogance, delusion, and sheer incompetence of the UK Government, despite a plethora evidence that maybe the UK had been run by selfish fools for decades:

Britain — renowned for its pragmatism, its common sense, its political stability and its unabashed devotion to small business (“a nation of shopkeepers”) — has become nearly unrecognizable to its European allies… Britain is undergoing a full-blown identity crisis. It is a “hollowed-out country,” “ill at ease with itself,” “deeply provincial,” engaged in a “controlled suicide,” say puzzled experts. And these are Britain’s friends.
– Steven Erlanger

People need to look again at Britain. It’s no longer the country they understood it to be their whole lives.
– Daniel Brössler, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The sense in the rest of Europe is bewilderment; how much worse can it get?
– Tomas Valasek, Director of Carnegie Europe & former Slovak ambassador

Britain is an example for all of us, as a longstanding democracy, with centuries of the rule of law and traditional institutions. And if such a country has such difficulties, most of us wonder how our own countries would handle such political upheaval — whether we, too, are so vulnerable.
– Guntram Wolff, a German economist who runs the Bruegel research institution here.

Everywhere I go, people are asking me, ‘What’s wrong with your country?’
– Charles Grant, irector of the Centre for European Reform

Everyone looking in at the UK is seeing what millions of disenfranchised Scottish, English, Welsh, and Northern Irish citizens have known for all too long, some all for all their lives. For every shocked remark about how Britain has “lost its mind,” how it has “changed,” “it isn’t the country I knew anymore,” I and no doubt others want to climb up the tallest church steeple with two megaphones and scream “this IS Britain. This is what we’ve been suffering for years, decades, centuries. Britain has not changed – you are just finally seeing it for what it really is.

How else can you explain the stupefyingly tone-deaf international response to Spain’s occupation of Catalonia’s institutions? Spain is telling them their side of the story, and the politicians are believing them without question, practically tailoring their response to Spain’s request – because it’s easier for them to believe that the small group of separatists whose leader has taken flight from “justice” are the bad guys. Certainly it cannot be Spain, who uphold the rule of law, talk of the need for democracy and integrity, and speak of how the poor Catalans are being held hostage by the dreadful government who they had the misfortune to elect – it must be those awful separatists. And if the EU can be so shocked by the UK’s referendum that they are still mystified by how it even happened, while simultaneously paying practically no acknowledgement of the inexcusable assaults on democracy & human rights in Spain, then how many more countries are “no longer the countries they understood them to be their whole lives”?

Photograph of alleged Guardia Civil members posing with a Franco statue in Spanish North Africa. In 2015.

Chillingly, we can have a pretty clear idea of exactly which countries might be part of this compromised cabal. The UK Government’s ties to the Spanish Government are well known – but they are just part of a wider group of right-wing monkeys dancing to the sinister tune of a terrible organ grinder. We know representatives of right-wing government have already colluded, promising to help each other present a united front against “separatists” and “secessionists,” using suggestion and innuendo which is not actually born out in EU treaties:

Alex Salmond, the Scottish First Minister, has accused the Spanish and British governments of “plotting hand-in-glove” to “stitch-up” Scotland ahead of its forthcoming referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.
The comments were made on Saturday after it emerged that British officials had flown to Madrid to discuss the issue.
A Cabinet Office official working on Scottish constitutional issues and Andrew Dunlop, Downing Street’s Scotland adviser, were apparently invited to visit by the Spanish government.
23rd December 2013

Ideally, the rules for secession should be set at the international level but international organisations have a vested interest in preventing secession.
The opinion of the European Union institutions that Catalonia and Scotland, after seceding, would have to reapply for EU membership has no basis in the European treaties. Nor has this question been settled in any UN agreement or Vienna Convention.
Secession strengthens competition among governments. By putting the politicians and bureaucrats of different countries under competitive pressure, secession improves their performance. They grant more freedom to their citizens, and they are more efficient and innovative.
 – Professor Dr Roland Vaubel, German Economist

The UK & Spain’s battles to stop Scottish and Catalan Independence are not isolated, and they are not working in isolation. Perhaps that’s the most frustrating thing about so many member states’ cries that they don’t want to “interfere” in the sovereignty of other member states, closing their eyes and covering their ears to the international collusion which has run rampant under their noses.

Why are Scotland & Catalonia so central to all this? Two rich wee countries in Europe can have incredible importance to the world. You know what else works on a pendulum – a bell. And that bell is starting to toll…

3 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swing

  1. Hugh Wallace says:

    What a depressingly accurate article.

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