Divide and Home Rule

A still from an American WW2 propaganda film. Guess the name.

I have a new article on Indyref2.scot on the subject of sectarianism in today’s Scottish political climate. It’s a subject I care very much about, and recent statements and political decisions have moved me to comment on them.

For folk like Murdo Fraser, Adam Tomkins, and Ruth Davidson, these comments are little more than trolls to wind up the Nats. Toying with these forces for political gain, safe in the knowledge that they won’t experience the consequences of such tensions’ inevitable conclusion, is just a game to them. It’s no game to me.


4 thoughts on “Divide and Home Rule

  1. I’ve said elsewhere, Al; Davidson, Fraser and all those other fools have no concept of the dark forces they have unleashed. I suspect their masters do though and it troubles me. You only have to look at the record of the British as they withdrew from their empire across the globe. What they cannot retain, they destroy. Malicious well poisoners – they are an utterly malign presence on a world scarred and mutilated by their toxins.
    Good Scots must our stree understand this and be aware of any cynical ploys they attempt in order to bring violence and the Trojan horse of their army onto our streets.

  2. Fine bit of modern Prog, btw! 😊

  3. greig12 says:

    I totally agree, they’re trying to make bigotry acceptable for short term political gain. It’s pretty sinister stuff because Its a lot easier to release that shit than it is to get it back in the box. Genies, bottles and all that.

    As you probably know already, Taraxacum is a dandelion. There’s a lot of Latin plant names that would be pretty cool for a band. 😎

  4. Brian Powell says:

    They will find that is no game for them either as time goes on.

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