I Don’t Want Another Independence Referendum

There are wants and there are needs. This is a basic element of health, economics, and social structure. First there are wants: things which you might desire, but which are not essential to your life & livelihood – luxuries, frivolities, hobbies. Then there are needs: things which you might not desire, but which are essential to your life & livelihood – sustenance, shelter, warmth. There are wants which can provide some needs, and some needs which you might want. But at the end of the day, needs are essential: wants are not.

It is important to distinguish between the two.

Basis for Comparison Needs Wants
Meaning Needs refers to an individual’s basic requirement that must be fulfilled, in order to survive. Wants are described as the goods and services, which an individual like to have, as a part of his caprices.
Nature Limited Unlimited
What is it? Something you must have. Something you wish to have.
Represents Necessity Desire
Survival Essential Inessential
Change May remain constant over time. May change over time.
Non-fulfillment May result in onset of disease or even death. May result in disappointment.
I don’t want another Independence Referendum. The Scottish Government don’t want another Independence Referendum. And I don’t think the people of Scotland want another Independence Referendum.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I empathise greatly with No supporters who react with anger, fear, and anathema to another Independence Referendum campaign: from their perspective, it’s a continuation of a debate they really didn’t want to have in the first place. The matter was “settled for a generation,” they won, so shut up & stop talking about it, GOD. Back in the good old days, independence was something that could be safely ignored as a fringe belief, something that could never realistically happen. Now it’s something they cannot escape: it’s everywhere, and they just want it to go away.

“I’m fed up with this.” And you think I’m not?

Do you think I’m looking forward to more of this garbage being broadcast into our homes?

Do you think I’m excited over the prospect of people breaking our car windows, as happened to us in the first campaign, and to a fellow SNP campaigner just this week in Largs? Do you think I’m enthusiastic over the prospect of more violence from supporters of the UK? Do you think I’m jumping up and down in anticipation for day after day of canvassing and leafleting in the rain and the sleet and the snow, of the papercuts from hours of envelope collating and the blackened skin of hours of newspaper folding, of the months of research and working and debating to come?

Do you think I’m campaigning for Scottish Independence for fun?

No, I’m not. I’m not looking forward to climbing endless stairs in countless flats & closes, braving excited dugs snapping at my fingers, taking my socks off for bed and pulling a layer of skin off in the process. I’m not looking forward to the infuriating loop of non-arguments that were rendered utterly irrelevant in the last referendum campaign, let alone a post-Leave one, especially with some of my dearest and closest friends. Most of all, I’m absolutely dreading going to doorsteps & hearing someone tell me they voted No, and that they would vote No again – even after everything that’s happened – and for them to win again.

I’m not looking forward to it. But I’m still going to do it.

Because there are some other things I’m “fed up with.” There are some other things I’m “sick to death of.” Things like vows being broken. Things like our sovereignty being dismissed out of hand. Things like our people failing, suffering and dying because of government ideology. Things like a worthless, malfunctioning nuclear hazard stationed only a few dozen miles from Scotland’s most populated city. Things like continuing to demonise the poor, the foreign, the disabled, the most vulnerable in society as a matter of government policy. Things like getting governments that we did not vote for. I’ve been sick of all that for a hell of a lot longer than you’ve been sick about a democratic debate about the future of our nation. “But it’s divisive!” Aye, it is divisive – just like anything in politics. Is it more divisive than preventing people who live here from the right to vote, deporting people who’ve lived here for decades out of the country, increasing the chasm of attainment between rich and poor, letting people starve for the sake of a spare bedroom, sending people fleeing from persecution to their likely deaths?

We are about to see the United Kingdom leave the European Union with no economic assessment in the event of a failed deal with the EU. The EU citizens who were excluded from the franchise which would decide their fate are openly described as “cards” in some twisted game. The UK Government has dismissed all propositions from the Scottish Government, and did not even inform the devolved nations of the date for Article 50’s triggering. And today, the Prime Minister actually said “This isn’t a question about whether the people of Scotland should have a choice or not.” A people’s choice about their future shouldn’t be a want.

So no, I don’t want another Independence Referendum. Do not confuse that with my belief that we need one – for we most assuredly do.

For the sake of Scotland’s survival as we know it now, we need another Independence Referendum. For the sake of all those dying in Scotland under the heel of the UK Government, we need another Independence Referendum. For the sake of our own sovereignty, ratified by the Independence Referendum of 2014 & traduced by the UK Parliament ever since, we need another Independence Referendum. It’ll be tough, it’ll be hard-going, it’ll be exhausting – but the alternative is unthinkable.

It isn’t a case of wants – it’s a case of needs.

We need a story to believe in
We need a hero to prevail
We need a challenge we can overcome
It takes a tragedy to make us one

31 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Another Independence Referendum

  1. mogabee says:

    Thanks. It’s a very, very important point. I need this too, for my daughter, my sons and those not thought of…

  2. Listened to them all except The Wright Stuff. Couldn’t get past five minutes of that. What’s evident in them all except the Unionwallah thing is that they just don’t get it. Not a bit. It’s like wanting independence is this weird thing. Why would anyone not want to stay in the bosom of the state? Maybe should ask themselves why would anyone want to stay where they are so openly disparaged. Comparisons made about a broken marriage yet failing to see any similarities in the abusive relationships that can exist in that state. Ridiculing, then cajoling, demeaning then declaring love. There is such a gulf of understanding. It’s so sad and wrong that the same message has been reinforced for years till it’s believed even among some here. My advice to any woman (or man) treated with such manipulative hostility is, run, get away, go, save yourself, take the kids, don’t fall for it again. I say the same to Scotland. Please don’t fall for it again. Others begin to doubt your truth, your sanity. Respect has been lost on both sides, if it ever existed. Time to end the sham marriage. Perhaps not easy for either initially but infinitely preferable than being tied to and lied about.
    We need independence. No doubt of it. Survival and the right to thrive depend on it.

  3. Alan says:

    I feel exactly the same. And I’ll be out chapping those doors, too, in another part of Scotland.

    Outstanding piece of writing, by the way.

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  5. Macart says:

    Simply superb post and should be seen by everyone.

  6. hettyforindy says:

    Excellent, must dip into your blog more often, thank you.
    All of what you say here is important, crucial in fact, because we know what the alternative to independence will be after brexit. Hardly bares thinking about. Scotland will not be treated kindly, favourably, or respectfully, and is treated with utter contempt by the unionists, even those in Scotland, unbelievable.

    It is very frustrating that some will continue to go along with their ‘precious’ union. No matter the consequences for Scotland, or the people of Scotland.

    We need out of the dysfunctional, destructive, backward UK, before it’s too late.

  7. Ian Finlayson says:

    Best post I’ve read in a long time, thanks ,will be checking out your blog in future.

  8. We grew new soles on our feet and they grew back stronger for Scotland. Stuart McMillan MSP even walked on fire with his!!! Let’s not quit ’till we die or we get Independence!!!

  9. Mistetiosoman says:

    Utterly eloquent. It has removed some of the frustrations in my head as I could never have verbalised my thoughts as well as this! Respect. Beer owed.

  10. Ian finch says:

    I don’t fear another referendum… Your arguments are even weaker this time around. I am living the consequences of 10 years of declining NHS and education that are not the fault of westminster but that of an SNP government.
    If you got independence who would you blame next?

    • Ten years of failing NHS? Try the NHS in England where I live. Disingenuous people like you make me want to vomit. If you are so against Scotland being a normal nation then leave and allow those of us who wish Scotland a better future to create it. People like you contribute nothing. You exist only to poison the well with your Unionist Brit Supremacism. If you can’t bring anything constructive to Scotland then leave. Muck in or fuck off!

    • cluthab says:

      Are you partaking of free prescriptions, have you used the highest performing A&E in the UK, do you and yours enjoy free education, are you looking forward to indefinite Tory austerity?

  11. You say you need another referendum but I suspect, from this piece, that it’s the referendum which needs you. Thanks.

  12. Bob Howie says:

    You’re right I don’t want indyref2, UDI would be much better

  13. diabloandco says:

    Yes! yes! and YES!

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  15. angusskye says:

    Excellent piece.

  16. Conan the Librarian says:

    Get a ruler. Wrap leaflet around ruler. Push through letter box. Have a spare ruler…

  17. Very well put. Thank you. You so eloquently describe why we don’t want another referendum now, We’re just as “electioned-out” as anyone else. Yet we see, quite clearly, that we *need* this referendum. All we *want* is for more of our fellow Scots to understand that they share this basic *need*. Your writing can easily be translated onto Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as another way of getting across the message about how vitally important #scotref is.

  18. goforchris says:

    Amen. Well said. Sharing …

  19. Alan Magnus-Bennett says:

    Even if I, myself, did not want another referendum, I would want to go through with another for the benefit of those who come after me. We live today in a country not ruled entirely by its own Parliament but, and fundamentally, it is ruled by a Parliament we have never and can never vote for given the number of M.Ps we are allowed to vote for it. So yes, I do want another referendum to ensure that the members of it are voted for by Scotland and to govern Scotland it its entirety.

  20. 2p3rf3ct says:

    Its a bit of writing thats now burned into my consciousness.

  21. clipper says:

    Bravo. Back in 2014 some of the pampered might have thought of Independence as an “option” or as a “point of view.” Now it’s as clear as a bell that it’s an absolute NECESSITY for our very survival.

  22. Grace Robertson says:

    Great piece, Thanks. Enjoyed the clips too. So important to pace ourselves for the big struggle ahead. Quality writing like this really helps our cause for independence.

  23. xsticks says:

    Late to the party as usual, but another excellent piece Al. Indeed, one of your best and that’s saying something,

    I don’t think any of us are looking forward to another campaign but here we are and we need to get on with it, We absolutely must win this time or we’re probably screwed forever.

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  25. Robert Graham says:

    All this could have been avoided if this British establishment, or to give it its correct name English ruling class acutely followed through with all promises given and accepted in good faith in the 2014 Referendum.
    They have brought us to this point not us .

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