A Case of the Brown Bottle Flu


We’re doing this again?

Gordon Brown, 8th September 2014:

Gordon Brown, 15th August 2014:

Gordon Brown, 17th September 2014:

Gordon Brown, 19th September 2014:

Gordon Brown, 14th October 2014:

Gordon Brown, 3rd February 2015:

Gordon Brown, 1st June 2016:

Gordon Brown, 18th March 2017:

The meme is that Gordon Brown stopped the vile forces of Nationalism from ripping the United Kingdom apart. Even if that was true, he’s clearly run out of whatever magic pixie dust saved the UK.

After all, he couldn’t stop his party from almost total wipeout in Scotland in 2015.

He couldn’t stop his party losing all but 3 constituency seats & slipping into third place in 2016.

He couldn’t stop the UK from leaving (not leading) the European Union that same year.

I tell you this right now: he won’t stop Scotland from becoming an independent nation.

All Gordon Brown won for the UK in 2014 was time – and time has not been kind to the promises and assurances he has made.

4 thoughts on “A Case of the Brown Bottle Flu

  1. Marconatrix says:

    A useful and very timely reminder. Why should anyone believe a word of anything said by the likes of Brown again? Maybe he was sincere, who knows? But he was still talking out of an inappropriate orifice.

  2. Brian says:

    Frustratingly he still gets plenty airtime on BBC News. UK 6 o’clock news and Reporting Scotland today, 18th. UK News had him being interviewed by Sarah Smith. Did she give him a hard time? What do you think?
    A sign of things to come next two years.

  3. If this is where there at now they are truly stuffed. It reminds me of that fireworks display in Southampton where everything all went off at once…
    Still the same old munitions as the last time but even less effective and all fired in the first week.
    The British really do fight the last war every time…

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