The 1st of Chaos, 3183

It’s 1st of January 2017, or the above date in the Discordian calendar, which seems altogether more appropriate given the topsy-turvy way the world’s been of late. A lot of Scottish/independence-related anniversaries will be coming up for 2017:

There are likely many more I’m forgetting, but it’s nice to mark them after all the anniversaries of the past few years.

The Reverend Stuart Campbell has boldly proclaimed it will be “the most tedious year in Scottish politics” since Wings Over Scotland began. After a series of frighteningly accurate predictions, not to mention the utterly depressing predictability of the media and the other political parties, only a fool would challenge such a track record.

Let the fool step forward! (The fool is me, by the way)

But that can wait. For now, let’s enjoy the hopes and dreams for the future, before we get back to work.


One thought on “The 1st of Chaos, 3183

  1. April 28th is also the 50th anniversary of the last steam-hauled scheduled public passenger train in Scotland; coincidentally Gourock to Glasgow. My third birthday, that. Not that I got taken to see it;; pretty low-key event!

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