The Sewer Level


It seems few video game archetypes are so reviled as the ever-present Sewer Level. They’re dull, boring wastes of time and effort, frequently indistinguishable from hundreds of similar examples, they’re deeply unpleasant to behold, and they go on forever. They are utter chores to slog through, they provoke anger and resentment, and bring disrepute to anyone that implements them.

So it is with gutter journalism, which frequently suffers from the same sort of malady.

Like this editorial in The Sun:


Virtue Signalling” is one of those terms commonly used by the Alt Right – another example of the Americanisation of UK politics and culture since the rise of Murdoch and associates. But more depressing than that is the brazen hypocrisy of those final paragraphs.

The Sun is running an Aid for Aleppo campaign. That’s the same Sun which published this:

Sun_Cowards thesun_blitzemtohell thesun_bombsyrianext thesun_katiehopkinsgunboats thesun_wemustcrushtheissnakeheadandhitraqqa SunOnSunday_ForAylan

The idea that The Sun can claim any sort of moral high ground by citing the money their readers raised for a besieged city in a country which they demanded be bombed in the first place is a special type of Sewer Level.

One thought on “The Sewer Level

  1. flyn says:

    not much you can add to that. all true, simples. we just got to keep pressing the confident and tolerant message.

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