Manufactured Confusion


So goes the meme, that about a quarter of people recorded as voting Yes in 2014 are estimated to have voted Leave in 2016. I don’t know why British nationalists are so triumphant about it: do they think that quarter of Yes voters are going to vote for the UK over the EU or something? Evidently a fair amount of them must be independence supporters who thought that voting Leave would bring their goal of independence closer to reality.

Now whatever could have given them that idea?

kfarqeuI cannot stress enough, the most important consideration for me is which option takes us closer to Scottish independence. And on this, I have to say, my party’s leaders have not been entirely helpful in assisting me towards a conclusion.
… So Brexit is the fastest route to a second indyref, and the fastest route to ditching the UK. Surely, then, we as committed Nationalists should be in favour of Brexit? Logical? Apparently not.
The Times

Christopher McMillan: Why the SNP isn’t doing enough to keep us all in the EU
… But I fear the SNP and Scotland are stuck in a constitutional catch-22 and all too aware that a vote for Remain is a vote against indyref 2.
Common Space

Are Scottish voters hearing confusing messages over EU vote?
… This referendum is already very confusing for many Scottish nationalists.
Their party’s leadership and all its elected politicians are urging a vote remain. Yet some of the arguments for leaving are remarkably similar to their own reasons for wanting Scottish independence.

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted the SNP will campaign vigorously for the UK to remain in the European Union in the referendum on 23 June.
Despite a new opinion poll suggesting a vote to leave the EU would boost her bid for Scottish independence, she denied that was the outcome she wants to see.
Sky News

Nicola Sturgeon denies she secretly wants Brexit vote in a bid for another indy ref
NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday denied she secretly wants the UK to quit the EU.
The First Minister came under fire for publicly backing Remain, while claiming Brexit could lead to her dream of Scottish independence.
The Scottish Sun

Sturgeon’s confused and confusing message on Brexit
That’s when the wholly ridiculous contradiction arises because whilst many nationalists support staying in the EU many more want another vote on separation and currently the only way their leader says that’s going to happen quickly is through a UK ‘Leave’ vote. But irony of ironies, that same leader says she’s going to campaign remorselessly against that ‘Leave’ vote – thus, presumably, helping to make that ‘indy’ vote an even more distant prospect.
The Telegraph

My question is, will it actually help Remain, or be horribly counterproductive? I suspect the latter. The last time Nicola embarked on a charm offensive with the English it didn’t end very well. The English ran scared to the Tories.
At best, this would leave Sturgeon’s motives open to question. Nicola’s aim is independence within the EU, and the only prospect of that at the moment is if UK votes for Brexit, triggering indyref2.
If England votes to Remain, Nicola’s plan is scuppered and independence is shelved for a generation or more. So why should people believe Nicola is sincere when she campaigns in England for Remain? Why is Nicola campaigning against her best-case scenario for Scotland’s future?
Kenny Farquharson, again

The British media, never knowingly complicit in their own machinations – or if they are, they certainly wouldn’t want to admit it.


6 thoughts on “Manufactured Confusion

  1. Doing your own wee bit for manufactured confusion there, Al? Your opening sentence should probably read Leave instead of Remain.

  2. bjsalba says:

    I am so glad I don’t have a TV.

    Why does Brewer have to lay out the counter arguments before he gets round to actually asking the question?

    Not professional.

  3. Macart says:

    Heh, oor meeja. Gotta luv em…, or maybe not.

    Metrocentric bubble syndrome aside (ie. pig ignorance), the vast majority of our learned friends in media land are simply earning their crust at best and being openly dishonest at worst. I’d reckon by this point most of us really don’t care which it is. The wee souls have made an irrelevance of themselves.

    Happily we’ve got translators who delve into the mainstream murk and work on media wonk speak on a daily basis.

    Neatly done Taranaich.

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