The Scottish Parliament passed a motion instructing the Scottish Government to begin negotiating with the European Union. The  motion was carried 92-0.

“Oh, but you’ll never get in! Belgium & Spain will use their veto! You’ll be put to the back of the queue! You can’t inherit the UK’s special place! Stay in the UK, you’ll get a better deal!”

Watch this.

Then watch this.

Sometimes, you find yourself realising that you are witnessing an incredible moment. You almost step outside yourself, a spectator on reality, where you realise that you are witnessing history. Sometimes, it feels like you’re watching theatre or film: you can practically hear the swelling orchestra, the singing strings, the pealing horns, the beating drums. Tell me you didn’t hear the orchestral score of history itself. This is history.

Now let’s see the BBC version.

As another BBC presenter said… “Don’t know what to say to that, actually.

4 thoughts on “History

  1. David says:

    Did you see the Tweet from @BenediktMaier at about 1pm yesterday(Tuesday). He added your “swelling orchestra, the singing strings, the pealing horns, the beating drums” to the clip, and it sounds great!
    Can’t work out how to copy it over here, sorry.

  2. […] furious with the world. Yet it’s always darkest before the dawn, and we see glimmers of it: the joyous reception hundreds of representatives from other countries gave in solidarity with the people of Scotland; I […]

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