Paying It Forward

I’m going to be out at the polling stations, complete with rosette, while we all vote. If you’re still undecided, then I hope you spend a bit of time watching the videos I’ve included in this post. If you have a more specific query, then I hope you can find it in The Wee Bleu Book, Are EU In or Out, InFacts, or Full Fact, which I consider the best online resources. I would post the best Leave resources, but frankly, I can’t find them.

As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s best not to listen to the histrionics of Westminster politicians or newspapers, and academics are not automatically neutral. Nonetheless, I feel that Michael Dougan and Yanis Varoufakis provide the best “expert” analysis of a Remain vote.

During the independence campaign, I encountered a lot of Europeans eager for information on how they should vote. A young German family who just moved into the area a short time ago; an older Belgian lady initially sceptical but ultimately voted Yes; that frightened Polish man who was worried he would be deported in a Yes vote; a gentleman from Brussels; too many Irish people to count. They all said “I’ll vote for you,” and I always said “don’t vote for us – vote with us!” Because, as the saying goes, if you’re here, you’re ours.

They can’t vote with us today. I’m paying it forward for them. I hope the rest of Scotland does the same.

One thought on “Paying It Forward

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