Make-Your-Mind-Up Time

If haven’t voted yet, and are still swithering, I’ve assembled a small collection of Stuart McMillan videos: in the Scottish Parliament, on the campaign trail, in interviews, debates, and elsewhere. I feel I’ve said all I can say – but perhaps the best person to speak for Stuart McMillan is the man himself.

4th May 2011. Stuart talks about travel in this election video from his previous campaign.

2nd November 2012. Stuart represents the Yes side of the independence debate on Holyrood Spotlight.

4th April 2013. Stuart visits the RYA Youth National Championships.

29th May 2013. Stuart asks about the economic input of West Scotland to the Oil & Gas Industry (23:50)

3rd October 2013. Stuart discusses transparency in the Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee (1:08:10).

26th June 2014. Stuart discusses Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals with First Minister Alex Salmond.

11th November 2014. At the two minutes’ silence observation of Armistice Day, Stuart McMillan plays “Flowers O’ The Forest” on the pipes.

4th January 2015. Stuart McMillan speaks at the Public Audit Committee (40:05).

12th February 2015. Stuart announces his appreciation of the endangered wonder, the Basking Shark.

27th February 2015. Excerpt from an excellent interview with Campbell Gunn at Inverclyde Now.

21st May 2015. Stuart speaks in the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee, which saw the successful partial devolution of powers regarding fixed-odds betting terminals:

13th July 2015. Stuart discusses the importance of saving Ferguson Marine.

17th March 2016: Stuart asks how many properties in Inverclyde would be affected by changes to Council Tax bands:

14th April 2016. Stuart McMillan discusses alcohol misuse.

2nd May 2016. Stuart’s rallying speech for Greenock & Inverclyde’s SNP voters.

Stuart’s website

Stuart’s Twitter

Stuart’s Facebook page and profile


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