From 2007 to 7 Days

Going through the scotexec Youtube channel is most interesting.

Here is the election and speech of First Minister Alex Salmond.

It’s poignant to note that several of the people present for the 2007 election are no longer at Holyrood, and will not be contesting next week. None of the people who led the four main parties in 2007 will lead them to the election on the 5th of May. The leaders of the three main Unionist parties – Jack McConnell, Nicol Stephen, & Annabel Goldie – all left, two in 2011, the third this year. They are all now members of the House of Lords. The former First Minister Alex Salmond will not be a feature of the next Scottish Parliament’s chambers either – but rather than retire to a comfortable future in the House of Lords like his three counterparts, he went south with 55 other champions of Scottish independence to the House of Commons.

Inverclyde’s politicians are saying goodbye, too. Duncan MacNeil, who has represented Greenock & Inverclyde since 1999, has retired. Ross Finnie, a party leadership candidate who contested Greenock & Inverclyde but was elected to the West Scotland list, failed to be elected in 2011 after 12 years as a member of the Scottish Executive cabinet. Only one elected MSP, who has contested Greenock & Inverclyde twice before, is contesting this year. He has already represented this constituency in his capacity as a West Scotland MSP. He lives here. He loves this place.

One week left.

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