A Sight for Sore Eyes

From Stuart McMillan’s site:

“This is good news for those with visual impairment who like to use social media like Twitter”, said Stuart McMillan, SNP candidate for Greenock & Inverclyde, commenting on a new feature which allows users to include descriptions of photographs on Twitter.

This move has been welcomed by disability charity RNIB who said that this development would open up brands and businesses to millions of new people.

Twitter’s latest accessibility change empowers blind and partially sighted people to digest visual content easily and provides a way for brands and businesses to engage with even more people. As the screen reading software that blind and partially sighted people use to follow social media can’t read pictures, users with sight loss might miss out on a lot of content.

The change relies on Twitter users inserting captions to any images they load onto Twitter.

Stuart McMillan, former Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Visual Impairment, added:

“This is great news for people with visual impairment, making Twitter more accessible.

“Images are the central point of many social media networks so it’s great that Twitter have recognised the particular needs of those with visual impairment.

“Although the change relies on those uploading images to insert captions, there are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss and this should encourage many businesses to expand their customer base by making this small change.”

Stuart has been the convenor for the Cross Party Group on Visual Impairment for a while now, and in the event he’s elected, it would be good for him to continue in that role.

As a person who uses glasses who works in the visual arts, I’m always interested in discussions about visual impairment. I’m also mindful of family members like my grandparents, whose eyesight isn’t as sharp these days. My grandfather in particular does not do much physical work for the SNP and independence movement, but he is very active online: anything which makes it easier for him to find, read and digest information is most welcome.

Just like prescriptions, the SNP have committed to keeping eye tests free and universal: in England, you must fulfil certain criteria. When it comes to something as important as sight, I don’t think there should be means-testing: the SNP agree.


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