The Personal Touch

When out canvassing, we occasionally come across people who ask why Nicola hasn’t come around to see them personally. Notwithstanding the idea that there are hundreds of thousands of households spread across Scotland housing 4 million voters, Nicola has been to Inverclyde on more than a few occasions in the past few years alone. She opened the Yes Inverclyde shop and had a public meeting in the Gamble Halls in Gourock; she flew in to Greenock back for the General Election campaign; she took the entire Scottish cabinet for a public meeting at the Town Hall in November; only a few days ago she went to see how Ferguson’s is doing.

I’m sure the First Minister would love to meet every single constituent personally – but she does have to campaign, and in the event of election, actually run the country. Nonetheless, there’s nothing stopping these people from going to the politicians themselves. I didn’t wait for Stuart McMillan to come to my door to talk to him about the referendum – I went to him. I didn’t wait for Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon or John Swinney to come to my house – I went to where they were. Engagement is not a one-way road, and we have to facilitate that road so people aren’t afraid to use them.


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