Check Your Privilege At The Door

A couple of days ago:

Going into higher education, going to university, is a privilege, it’s not a right. It’s not a birthright, it’s not like school education, it’s not a right which extends to everyone.

You could vote for Mr Tomkins & his party, who plan on charging Scottish students a “contribution” of £6,000 for the “privilege” of a four-year degree, in addition to the brutal cuts coming from the UK government regardless of who wins May’s Holyrood elections. You could vote for a party which makes it its business to perpetuate elitist social hierarchies . You could vote for a party which has taken its theft of public assets in England to its logical conclusion – the privatisation of education itself.

Alternatively, you could vote for Stuart McMillan and his party, who uphold free further education as one of the most important and iconic practises in Scottish life:

The SNP will never introduce tuition fees, either upfront or via the back door. Going to university should be based on ability to learn – not ability to pay.


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