It’s Always Blackest Before The Dawn


Wings Over Scotland has followed up the Wee Blue Book with a sequel – one that I’m sure the Reverend never wanted to write.

So as to ensure maximum exposure, I’m hosting a mirror on the Wilderness:

The Wee Black Book (fast connections)

The Wee Black Book (slow connections)

I read it in 20 minutes or so. My eyes were burning hot, vision distorted by furious tears, as all the emotions of the referendum flooded back in a cascade. I thought of all the frightened pensioners who came into the Yes Inverclyde shop, asking if we “were really going to take away our pensions.” I thought of the terrified Polish couple who were afraid they could be flown back to Poland if “we” won. I thought of all the angry, worried and confused people who came in with questions, and left assured – because we had copies of the Wee Blue Book on hand, and facsimiles of government documents, and quotes and letters and articles. Then of the night, the celebrations by the “winners” who won by 86 votes out of over 54,000, the joyous ringing out of “Inverclyde Votes No! Inverclyde Votes No! Inverclyde Votes No!” by people with blue and red and orange rosettes, side by side, cheek by jowl…

Yet by the end of it, I felt better – because I knew that, dark and sombre as the Wee Black Book is, it is not the final word. The Scottish people are awake. Independence is no longer a fringe idea dismissed by “real” parties, but part of the core of Scottish political discourse. The SNP are unquestionably the party of Scotland, which I hope will be cemented when Stuart McMillan & as many other SNP candidates as possible are elected to a third term, and Nicola Sturgeon’s place as First Minister ratified by popular acclaim.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. The best trilogies have a bleak middle chapter. I’m looking forward to the third Wee Book, whatever colour it may be.


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8 thoughts on “It’s Always Blackest Before The Dawn

  1. benmadigan says:

    It’ll be the Wee Saltire Book – onwards to independence!

  2. xsticks says:

    Well said Al. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. I’m due you a pint ;D

  3. gerry parker says:

    Yep well said. Got weather to suit the mood today, but it will pass. If this information reaches a wide audience the tide will surely turn.

  4. landeep says:

    Not long now, it’s a waiting game. we put the effort in, it WILL be returned.

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