2015 Highlights

A lot of people are glad to see 2015 go join 2014. I tend to be very ambivalent about years: love the good, hate the bad, you know? So while there were some truly horrendous things, there was also magic, and the winds of history carrying us to the Undiscovered Country.

So, here are the top 15 Wilderness of Peace blog posts for 2015, in order of publication.

17th October 2014: The Devo Files – Very glad it remained well-read up to the General Election period. I’m still kicking myself that I never got around to Messrs. Carmichael, Mundell & Murray – even if they still got elected, I wish I at least got around to them.

24th March: The Devo Files: Russell Brown (Dumfries & Galloway) – It’s funny to think I thought the then-MP’s 7,449 majority in 2010 was going to be tough for Richard Arkless – only for the result not only to be a 6,154 SNP majority, but for Mr Brown to be bumped into a distant 3rd place.

27th April: Why SNP? – The final great push to get Inverclyde’s first SNP MP, Ronnie Cowan, elected. Strange to think how unreal it felt at the count given the struggle we felt.

5th May: Engagement – The 2015 General Election campaign in Scotland encapsulated in a single image, and it’s a wee girl from Inverclyde.

27th May: Respect Is Earned – The hypocrisy of the Commons is well known, but to see it in action is another thing entirely.

5th June: “Uppity Jocks, Can’t You Take A Joke?” – In reference to a throwaway remark about Cromwell and slavery being an “answer to the West Lothian question.”

16th July: The Devo Files Return – A special edition coinciding with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the Other Party’s new leader. Since there’s an election coming up where the Other Party’s “best” and “brightest” are still fighting over the list, they will likely return in a slightly altered format in the new year. (It’s very kind of Thomas Docherty & Anas Sarwar to seek election as MSPs, as it means my unfinished Devo Files for 2015 can be put to use!)

21st July: Scottish Votes for Scottish Laws – What would have happened if only Scottish MPs were permitted to vote on the Scotland Bill?

23rd July: Congratulations, Private Eye! – The esteemed organ presents a truly uncanny parody of the worst elements of SNP BAD unionism.

2nd September: Tongue Lashing With Friends – In which I extol the virtue and value of Scottish Gaelic in the 21st Century.

10th September: Long To Reign Over Us – A wee bit of Wings Over Scotland-inspired media analysis, where someone who called the SNP “illegitimate,” “dangerous,” “intolerant,”” racist,” and “tartan Tories” is cited as “a Scottish Nationalist.”

23rd September: Matters of Importance – I think a big issue here was that Social Justice means very different things over here, and over in America. In Scotland, we have a Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, who campaigns and legislates on addressing inequalities. In America, it likely means the same – unfortunately, as with “political correctness,” the phrase appears to have been appropriated by intolerant bigots who don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “justice” (or “social” for that matter), which conversely means that the debate devolves into angry shouting matches between opposing bigots. Bigotry, after all, does not delineate by political spectrum. In any case, I am perfectly happy to never again comment on American politics or social issues.

9th October: Better Things To Talk About – The Other Party is curiously reticent on discussing the party of the UK government’s conference.

2nd November: All The Things They Said – The Other Party made such a big noise about losing jobs at Faslane during the referendum, only for their Scottish members to decide to agree with the SNP over a year later. (Also the first appearance of “The Other Party” in reference to the Reds)

7th December: Old Unions Die Hard – The folly of pinning old party resurgences on 2 million unionists that don’t exist.

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