Better Things to Talk About

Here’s Scottish Labour’s Twitter yesterday morning.















I had a search through their timeline. I couldn’t find a single reference to the 2015 Conservative Party Conference. No condemnation of Theresa May’s monstrous lies. No refutation of George Osborne’s blatant falsehoods. No criticism of Jeremy Hunt’s idiocy. No denial of Iain Duncan Smith’s chilling rhetoric. Not even a rebuke to Mr Cameron’s despicable smear of their own leader. In fact, the only time “Tory” or “Tories” even turned up on their timeline in the past few days is to gather support for their opposition to the Trade Union Bill.

Instead of asking how the Scottish Government planned to deal with the Tories’ latest announcements from the conference, Kezia Dugdale continued tilting at Michelle Thomson-shaped windmills:

Michelle Thomson’s company boasted that the increase in the number of people struggling to pay their mortgage during the recession was, and I quote, ‘a great opportunity’, and that if people were ‘emotionally distant’ they could ‘make a huge profit’.

So could I ask the First Minister – is preying on desperate people ever an ethical way to run a business?


Better Together’s director boasted about using negative tactics on the basis that they worked. A now-former Scottish New Labour MP boasted that he would prefer Scotland to stay in the UK even if it could be demonstrated that Scots would be worse off as a result. Stories abound of pensioners fearful that their pensions would be taken from them in the event of a Yes vote, to the point where some were even hoarding food prior to the poll. Is this not the very definition of “preying on desperate people” – appealing to fear and uncertainty to get what you want, even if it means impoverishing them in the process?


So could I ask the Leader of New Labour in Scotland – is preying on desperate people ever an ethical way to run a referendum?

Then again, it seems obvious that New Labour would be totally silent as the nightmarish cavalcade rolled in and out of Manchester. Perhaps it’s because they knew they were up a gumtree they planted themselves. All through the referendum, they convinced Scots that the risk of a Tory government was lesser than the risks of separation.  All the horror stories they would later use in their election campaign, they dismissed as scaremongering or lies.

PutWhatAtRisk WorriedAboutWhat

Remember this?

Yet how can this square with what New Labour were saying mere months later?

Vikki Greig cannot complain. This is what she wanted. This is what she fought for. This is what she won.

You wanted Scotland to remain in the UK – you got it. You argued that independence was more dangerous than another Tory government – we’re still here, for now. So now we’re seeing a Conservative Party Conference, ringed by steel walls and patrolled by rifle-bearing snipers, being held mere yards from the site of a massacre. But you can’t say a thing, because according to you, it’s still better than independence.

A Tory majority leading to a referendum on the EU where Scotland may well vote differently from England, which means Scots could be taken out of the EU against their will? “Still better than independence.” Moves to attack Syria, sending more of our young people off to kill and be killed? “Still better than independence.” Debate on Trident renewal at the New Labour Party Conference shut down, making a new generation of nuclear weapons all but certain? “Still better than independence.” The UK decides to abandon any hope of saving refugee lives after the UK Home Secretary makes a speech so appalling that the freaking Telegraph is disgusted? “Still better than independence.” Thousands more are impoverished and die under ever more savage welfare cuts – about which the Scottish government can do nothing but mitigate? “Still better than independence.”

But then, maybe they actually have good reasons to spend their valuable tweet supplies on this crusade against Michelle Thomson.

Local activists call in police due to inaction over £10,000 ‘missing’ from coffers of Kezia Dugdale’s constituency Labour Party
October 6th, 2015 – 12:23 am Andrew Learmonth
POLICE have launched an investigation into Kezia Dugdale’s constituency Labour Party after £10,000 went missing from branch coffers.According to the Edinburgh Evening News, activists called in police after becoming “fed up” waiting for Labour HQ to look into the missing money.
The Guardian

TickTockTick tock.

3 thoughts on “Better Things to Talk About

  1. macart763M says:

    Kezia Dugdale, ethics, morality, social conscience?

    When half of Scotland’s electorate were being demonised and othered by Ms Dugdale, her superiors and peers, just where were/are their ethics, their morality, their social conscience? We see it still today with ‘almost’ every title you care to mention in the newsagents and don’t get me started on broadcast channels and the assorted ‘usual suspects’ couch punditry.

    As for why Ms Dugdale is on an MT crusade, an issue no one should be going near for fear of altering or affecting any due investigative process? Obvious, transparent, cheap and tawdry. Politics as it is practiced by any establishment party. Her party is in free fall and their polling figures approaching a shoe size. They are a policy free zone and there is an election round the corner, sooooooo continuation of fear and smear it is then. Rather than be seen to act like adults and work with government, develop new and competitive policies of their own, represent their bloody constituents in their time at parliament, we have the politics of hate.

    Michelle Thomson is a Westminster MP (now independent). Officially she now has nothing to do with either the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon and indeed never had or should have had any business with the Scottish parliament which Ms Dugdale and her amigos seem hell bent on bringing into disrepute. Ms Thomson has offered to aid in any police investigation and to date is not under any investigation herself as I understand it.

    The constituents of all three establishment parties I’m sure are anxiously wondering, probably hoping in vain, that at some point their fears, worries and issues may come under discussion in their parliament, on their time and money.

    As you point out, in the teeth of that frankly terrifying conference, its not as if there aren’t one or two things the electorate of Scotland and their representatives shouldn’t be focusing on intently.

    A movement begun by giants, ends with… Kezia Dugdale and her ‘team’.

  2. Patrician says:

    The election is the last thing on their minds now; stopping an SNP majority is what we are seeing here. With no SNP majority in 2016 then there will be no referendum. The opinion polls are now so close there is no guarantee that the establishment will win an indyref2, so the best thing for them is to do everything they can to undermine the SNP vote.

    This is the only reason for the Michelle Thomson, storm in a teacup histrionics. We are going to see and hear much worse over the next few months. It won’t all be full frontal attacks but will include a drip-drip feed of alleged dodgy dealings, innuendo, guilt by association.

    I am not an SNP member, never have been, never will be but I will be voting for them in 2016 as they are the only party committed to delivering independence. The left parties I don’t trust, too riddled with internal divisions and spooks. The Greens are, I think, half-hearted towards independence. In the run up to the 2016 election watch these 2 political sections getting a lot more air time and praise from the MSM.

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