Why Build Another?

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Why Build Another

A new fence, around a mile in length, has been installed in Calais to try to stop migrants from getting to the UK via the Channel Tunnel.

The barrier has been paid for out of £7m made available by the British government in recent weeks.

Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted there is “a lot more to do” to improve security.

Why build another wall…


Migrants seeking to enter Britain made a mass attempt to break into the entrance to the Channel Tunnel near Calais, France, late Saturday.

Breaking down several levels of security fencing, the crowd of more than 200 migrants seemed to take security personnel by surprise, approaching the tunnel entrance area unopposed.

Only a handful of French soldiers stood between the migrants and the entrance to the undersea tunnel.

But as migrants scrambled down to the final fence line, dozens of French riot police arrived to back up the military.

The migrants and security forces then had a stand-off for close to an hour, as the migrants chanted slogans like “Open the border” and “We are not animals”.


“you’ve got a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain because Britain has got jobs, it’s got a growing economy, it’s an incredible place to live”.



The first pictures of new fencing designed to prevent desperate migrants storming the Channel Tunnel have been released after David Cameron promised to beef up security.

The barbed-wire topped barrier, installed in Calais and nearby Coquelles is intended to secure 1.6km (one mile) of Eurotunnel’s shuttle platform area where migrants attempt to board waiting and slow-moving trains destined for the UK.

The news the fencing was installed comes the day after a Sudanese migrant was arrested after having walked the 50-km (31-mile) Channel Tunnel from France.

Speaking earlier today, Cameron told Sky News he is government was increasing security at the border but that more needed to be done.

He said: “We are making progress but there is a lot more to do, including better security in the tunnel itself,” Cameron told Sky News on Friday.


Why build another wall…
Why build another wall…
Why build another wall…

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One thought on “Why Build Another?

  1. Carluccio. says:

    Of course it’s nothing to do with our foreign policy.
    Iraq, Syria and Libya are aflame, but Westmonster blames
    the people trying to escape.
    Rule Britania.

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