Congratulations, Private Eye…

… You’ve just won “SNP BAD” Bingo!


  • Presenting only the “risks” and “warnings” of independence as rational and the benefits as a fantastical “left-wing utopia”: CHECK
  • Using a single now dropped* policy (Corporation Tax) to “prove” the SNP aren’t really that progressive: CHECK
  • Using “separation” instead of independence: CHECK
  • Presenting a pro-independence group as an SNP front: CHECK
  • Suggesting the Scottish press & media fail to investigate & scrutinise the pro-independence side: CHECK
  • Presenting Kevin Hague as if he’s an authority on anything (who next, John McTernan?): CHECK
  • Calling the only pro-independence daily newspaper an SNP fanzine: CHECK
  • Suggesting Mhairi Black and other left-wing MPs are idiots who didn’t know what they signed up for: CHECK
  • Continuing to present the SNP as bully-boys compared to the poor meek unionists: CHECK

So there you have it, Private Eye, those fearless challengers of the UK press and establishment, toeing the establishment line on the SNP to a tee. Between their drive-bys on Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and Ian Blackford and this, my appreciation for the good work they do is fast running out. It hurts, because I really do expect better from them.

All that’s missing is Godwin’s law. Oh wait:


There it is!

Yet let it not be said that they are merely anti-SNP. What’s their take on Jeremy Corbyn, by far the popular choice among the New Labour grassroots, the only one which shows even a modicum of the party’s values, and the only chance the party has to reconnect with the vast numbers of non-voting traditional Labour voters and get away from its pathetic courting of marginal Tories?


Of course.

Nonetheless, there is a bright side: despite a nearly all-out assault on the SNP from major newspapers, the BBC, the UK establishment and more, the SNP not only returned the greatest number of Scottish MPs from a single party, they’ve actually increased in popularity since May: the latest Panelbase poll shows them at 53% constituency & 48% regional for Holyrood, while TNS places them on 60% & 51% respectively. Mr Corbyn has endured a similar cannonade, even from people within his own party, and gone from token leftie nomination to favourite to win.

Perhaps I have Private Eye all wrong: maybe they’re partaking in the same ruinous SNP BAD nonsense which helped destroy New Labour in Scotland intentionally. Perhaps they realise that the constant attacks on Mr Corbyn, intended to bring him down, are only making him stronger. They are, after all, a satirical magazine, and their impersonation of smug, delusional Britnats with no sense of irony in their SNP articles is simply uncanny.

In that case, Lord Gnome has my deepest thanks in his tireless efforts to ensure the SNP and Jeremy Corbyn continue to go from strength to strength. Keep those SNP BAD articles coming!

*And a policy which, as the Reverend points out in the comments, was specifically in reference to an independent Scotland: the policy has been dropped as of March of this year. Because, you know, referendum.

11 thoughts on “Congratulations, Private Eye…

  1. macart763 says:

    I don’t really read Private Eye, the Times, Spectator, Guardian, Telegraph, Express, Mail, Sun, Mirror, Record, Scotsman….. ad infinitum.

    I just wouldn’t understand what they’re all driving at with my cave man mindset an such. 🙂

  2. RevStu says:

    Also – cutting Corporation Tax *was* SNP policy, in an independent Scotland to compete with London. It isn’t policy now, and it wouldn’t matter if it was because Holyrood doesn’t control Corporation Tax.

  3. hektorsmum says:

    I dislike the Editor to the point where I will not watch him and is buddy on TV. Wouldn’t read it if they were giving it away free.

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  5. Carluccio. says:

    Now I don’t know what I am.
    They say I’m a nazi, but Mhairi Black is a lefty danger to civilisation.
    All of a sudden I’m a goose stepping commie troglodyte.
    My brain hurts.

  6. jwood42 says:

    Agreed. As a longstanding Private Eye subscriber I have been seriously considering cancelling my subscription. in the highly unlikely event of me ever wanting to read the Daily Mail I’ll buy a copy.

  7. Joan Edington says:

    The prat also called The National a “weekend spinoff of The Glasgow Herald”. Where is their so-called research?

  8. Brilliant scripture as always,thank you.
    jwood42 , cancel and check out Ken’s iScot Magazine.

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