Respect Is Earned

So here’s the Speaker of the House chastising those rascals in the SNP for showing disrespect for Parliament by applauding their Westminster leader Angus Robertson:

I’m sure your point would have been more potent if you had shown similar laldy on those other occasions where such “disrespect” was shown in the House. Perhaps we can forgive you being caught up in the emotion earlier this year, where you were roundly applauded by MPs after successfully seeing off William Hague’s petty coup:

But what about this from two months ago, where Conservative MP Charles Walker was soundly applauded by New Labour MPs?

Still, perhaps previous speakers were more stringent?

That MPs abide by pointless and ancient customs with no practical or logical purpose is one thing, but I’d at least hope for some consistency.


6 thoughts on “Respect Is Earned

  1. Jacob Benjamin says:

    Staggering! Typical patronising Englishman…except this time he has shown himself to suffer from dementia, or worse double standards. Thank you, Al, for dredging up the evidence.

  2. jimnarlene says:

    Ah but, you forgot; SNP bad. Troughing unionist gits good.

  3. Jacob Benjamin says:

    ….and by the way, that Labour clown who interrupted needs an IQ test! He was suggesting that SNP should have helped labour win more seats. He still thinks the Scots are somehow beholden to his party like some long suffering spouse!!

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