Well. Look at that.


Isn’t that something?

On a personal note, I’m thrilled that Ronnie Cowan has indeed been elected as MP for Inverclyde. But I am even more thrilled to be wrong: this wasn’t close. Not by a long shot. Initially I had been more cautious – I thought it might come to within a few thousand, hundred, or even dozen votes. Maybe even 86. I had daydreams: wouldn’t it be ironic if Ronnie got in on 49.9% of the vote, or even 45%? But such numbers and percentages were beyond us, surely?

55.1% – an overall majority – voted for Ronnie Cowan to represent them. 24,585 out of 44,607 of the electorate of Inverclyde chose Ronnie Cowan as their champion. Not only the largest percentage of votes, but the majority. That translated to a majority of 11,063. That’s not too far from the majority David Cairns was elected on in 2005.

On the 7th, I changed my Facebook portrait to commemorate this most exciting election, merging my great appreciation for Conan the Barbarian with my new-found appreciation and participation in my country’s democracy.


It ended up oddly prophetic, don’t you agree?

This was more than a rout, it was a conquest.The Scottish people have made their choice. They’ve taken their country back.

8 thoughts on “Well. Look at that.

  1. Jacob Benjamin says:

    And we have voted! This election, more than any other, shows the real divide between Scotland and the rest of UK. It shows Scotland as making very different choices from the rest of UK. We no longer have to be part of a hobbled and maligned coalition with a party, the Labour Party, who have snatched certainty from the jaws of uncertainty, the certainty of irrelevance for the next 5 years in England. As for Scotland, the SNP can now make Scotland’s voice heard without fear or favour, with an unquestionable share of electoral votes and the exposed reality of our democratic deficit.

  2. Betty Craney says:

    I am so pleased for you, Al ! You’ve worked your wee socks off and got the result you craved…we all did ! Onward and upward !

  3. daviddynamo says:

    Very happy for you Al, what a great result for the people of Inverclyde. Congrats to all those who worked for this result. Stunning!
    Now, you reported that you had a wee greet after the referendum – any tears this time?!

  4. Gerald Keogh says:

    My only concern is Cameron and his Elite MPS,
    using all their usual and some new dirty and underhanded ploys to try and undermine our dedicated members. Cameron is totally untrustworthy as are his lackeys, and they will do everything in their power to thwart any possible advantageous plans which would even benefit the whole country. They cannot afford to be shown as inadequate at anytime.

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