Independence Live in Inverclyde

Independence Live

Once again the Eye of Independence roved over to Inverclyde – this time, Independence Live staged an event at the Crawfurdsburn centre in Greenock. Imbedding is disabled, but you can view the video on Youtube.*

A number of important & influential figures from Yes Inverclyde were present: at the table were Ronnie Cowan, campaign manager and Our Supreme Leader; Gary Forbes, Port SSP revolutionary and Yes Inverclyde Shop stalwart; Jenn McClafferty, one of the many Labour supporters who’ve torn up their membership cards in the wake of New Labour’s antics; and Mary McGlashan, one of the heid Women for Independence Inverclyde division. A number of others, such as Fiona Cook (formerly of Labour for Independence) and Ian Ramsey (formerly of the SNP) were present and contributed. Microphone duty was handled by some bearded longhair in a leather jaikit.**

Topics of discussion ranged from how to bring the message of Yes to the 55% (in our area 50.1%), disagreements on just how evil New Labour are and how much hatred of them is preferable, whether we should keep up the positive campaign or start scaring the wits out of No voters with the reality of a No vote, pros and cons of a Yes Alliance, stories and anecdotes from their times in the referendum campaign, and the occasional interjection of percentages and number crunching from that bearded guy. Most of all, though, were great suggestions of ways to move forward, how to engage and enrich the community, and what to do next.

*Link updated. An earlier version of this post linked to the “raw footage” which started recording before the meeting itself took place.

**Also should point out: at around the 48m mark, bearded gentleman mentioned an MP discussing the closure of the Clyde coastguard station – the MP in question was actually Iain McKenzie, not Jim Murphy. In fairness, you can see how the two could be mixed up:

Iain McKenzie & Jim Murphy. Or Jim Murphy & Iain McKenzie?

Iain McKenzie & Jim Murphy. Or Jim Murphy & Iain McKenzie?


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