When I started out on this political-ish blog, I tended to average half a dozen or so viewers. I was very happy to have those regular readers, especially so early on.

My best post in terms of viewership was a wee while back, when a Facebook share brought 187 viewers. No bad, thought I: I didn’t expect them to stick around long, but my average went up to a dozen or thereabouts.

Monday’s when it all changed. Shares on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit brought 1,771 new visitors to the site. Jings, thought I: I dearly hope I can keep enough interested readers to stay for a while, maybe even a few dozen regular commentators.

On Tuesday, I was at the Yes Inverclyde Shop from 12 to 10, helping those last unregistered voters get on the electoral role (and trust me, there’s more on that to come). So I couldn’t check to see if my latest blog post on Alistair Darling’s trip to the Beacon had more success.


That’s 24,884 people. From all across the UK – all across the world, for that matter. They came here. To read my wee blog.

Why this particular blog, I have no idea: I didn’t feel any different writing it, and I don’t know whose eye I caught. But regardless of why and how, I thank you, one and all, most sincerely, for coming by and reading – even those who disagree with what I say. I couldn’t have dreamed for such a viewership, and I shall endeavour to make my blog worth returning to: my misadventures in Yes campaigning, my further thoughts on democracy and such.

As of right now, 20,388 more people have visited the blog. And I didn’t even think to post a funny cat picture.

What're your thoughts?

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