Yes Inverclyde at Notre Dame High School

Last month, Yes Inverclyde had a night at Notre Dame High School. While we were encouraged to bring along undecideds, it seems in Inverclyde there aren’t that many people who haven’t made their decision. While out leafleting in the underpass at the Oak Mall, we either received cheerful thumbs-ups, or surly scowls – but I will note that there’s a very, very malleable part of the No contingent who seem willing to hear out the case for Yes.

I can’t quite tell how many undecideds were at the event, though there were certainly one or two very vocal Nos there (I think the same gentleman from the BBC Referendum debate at 1 hour 15 minutes) which was most welcome. And I even mustered the courage to ask a question (at around an hour 27 minutes):

My question was very much a Deil’s Advocate: I myself consider myself socialist, but there is a fairly substantial non-socialist contingent who I think could still be convinced to vote Yes. It’s all well and good having all the socialist parties on our side,* but this isn’t an election – it’s bigger than that.

*”But Labour/Lib Dems!” – I said socialist, not champagne socialist.

2 thoughts on “Yes Inverclyde at Notre Dame High School

  1. Brotyboy says:

    Hi Al.

    I like what John McAllion said in reply to your question. I feel Independence is actually in the interests of the Conservative Party in Scotland, as when they break the link to London they can establish themselves as a proper Scottish party with policies for Scotland and proper representation for their natural supporters.

    • alharron says:

      I agree! That’s the crazy thing: independence will be better for EVERYONE in Scotland, even the Conservatives. I may not be a fan of Ruth Davidon’s, but it’s clear that she’s not from the same cloth as the Westminster gang. Sadly, as long as she’s part of the Scottish Branch of British Conservatives, she’ll continue that way.

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